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The Belvedere Golf & Country Club at

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

The client's Integrated Township, Shantigram, was planned with the Belvedere Club overlooking its signature 9-hole golf course extended over 69 acres of greens as a nucleus of this Mixed-use development. The club is designed to bring together a diverse demography within the community by providing a luxurious sports, dining, recreation and entertainment facility. A processional entrance to the campus is designed on a podium level with ample parking space below. A center courtyard with an enormous Reflecting Pool and several intimate courts are intertwined with buildings for the various functions. The Spanish Mediterranean style architecture provides a resort like setting, designed to permeate an aura of luxury, exclusivity & comfort.

Site Area : 90 Acres including Golf & Club facilities
Builtup Area : 11,76,118 SF
Services : Master Planning, Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Design, Engineering, Environmental Graphics & Signage, Art Integration, FFE, Lighting Design, AV-IT
Accolade :

  • 10th Realty Plus Excellence Awards (GUJARAT) in Luxury Interiors of the Year - 2018
  • India’s Best Design Studio Awards - 2017, Belvedere Golf and Country Club Project was one of the five projects submitted for the Best Design Studio Award By Indi Design - an international design magazine from India.

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Luxurious Recreational Centre-Piece at Gujarat’s Largest Integrated Community

Shantigram, Gujarat’s largest integrated township located in Ahmedabad, was conceived around a recreational core which included a lush, expansive 69 acre golf course coupled with a comprehensively facilitated club house. The Belvedere Club includes an array of sports, recreation, entertainment and dining facilities set out as a relaxing resort, serving a diverse community in luxurious presentation. Water and energy efficient systems put in place ensure sustainability of an IGBC-LEED gold rating standard.

Program Complexity Subtly Woven Into a Placid Outfit

The diversity in user groups as well as the range of included facilities made the project programmatically complex. This was dealt with by a balancing simplicity in the architectural language chosen. Straight lines, basic forms, minimal embellishments, luxurious delivery of amenities, clear layout about a defined central axis as well as a judicious mix of green, blue and built visages conjure up a restful balance.

An In-Town Pause amid Mediterranean Settings, Venetian Waters

The emphatically horizontal dispensation of straight lined buildings arranged around sky-lit courtyards, framed with unembellished arches and low-slung pitched roofs catalyzes the relaxed aura of a Mediterranean resort. The sprawling reflecting pool defining the central axial vista and turning corners to flow around the constituent built-forms invokes romantic Venetian canals. After parking vehicles at the ground level, visitors enter the club, elevated on a podium, at an elaborate front-court to a sense of a ceremonial arrival, a restful pause. Proceeding inside, one can approach each facility from various sides while walking the continuous, cool poolside.

Vantage View Capturing a Panorama of Golfing Greens

Being raised on a podium affords the entire club a panoramic view of the green expanse of the golf course spread out behind it. One progresses past the arched entranceway to a welcome by the wide blue vista of the watery axis, framed by palms that line the adjacent paving, further widening in scope till the view opens out completely to join the rear green horizon

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