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Join Us

Join hands with us to design a better, more beautiful world.

Come and create a world that restores, nurtures, and protects life on our planet through sustainability, resilience, diversity, inclusion, well-being. Our creative, interdisciplinary teams work as small, dynamic studios where you get an opportunity to collaborate with industry experts on some of the most exciting and transformative architecture, engineering, and planning projects in the country and internationally.

When you join INI, you become part of something bigger.

The future as we see is exciting and promising. Come, design it with us.

INI designs buildings and spaces that inspire people. We’re a diverse team of innovative, entrepreneurial people with an ambitious vision: to create the best, most sustainable places. It will be your responsibility, even as the newest member of our team, to contribute right away. If this sounds good, let’s talk.

Our greatest strength is YOU.

We know our most valuable asset is our people. That’s why we put people first—in everything we do. Happy, healthy individuals contribute to positive, high-performance teams. Your personal success is our collective success. We believe collaborative design can be truly achieved only when the individual goals are in coherence with the collective goals.

We encourage curiosity and inquiring minds which in turn nurture creativity.

A career at INI will expand your vision. Here, young designers work alongside the industry experts, architects partner with engineers, planners work with sociologists, and all of us learn from each other. Our collaborative approach goes beyond our studios; we engage with innovative practitioners from the industry to find new solutions. We believe that our growth is also driven by the kind of person we attract - the ideal one is who can think out of the box, plan big, who thrives in collaboration, and has the determination to realize his or her ideas.

We go that extra mile to keep this approach flourishing. Through our design charettes, ideas on wall, research and travel fellowships, we encourage growth and learning.

Your professional growth matters to us.

We believe everyone has the potential to be a great leader. And we’re committed to helping people realize that potential. With the mentorship of seniors, these rising stars follow a host of activities that enhance their design & business savvy, sharpen their problem-solving skills, and bolster their emotional intelligence.

YOUR family is OUR family too

INI family is the larger circle of all of us, and our families. To keep this family bond strong, we encourage bringing your children to visit and participate in work environment. Our open studio-like environment loves to get the visitors under 95 cms and also the septuagenarians! We also draw learnings from their experiences and ideas into our design approach. For example, a participative design charrette for a school concept was a great way to learn collaborate with our colleagues children.

Ask Me Anything.

• “Why did you become an architect (or engineer or planner)?”
• “Did you have a mentor who impacted your career?”
• “What’s on your bucket list?”
• “How did you end up at INI?”
• “How will we change how we practice design over the next 5-10 years?”

Those are just a few of the questions our people have asked INI’s leaders at our live Ask (INI’s) Leaders Anything (ALA)) sessions. Typically held over lunch or during a happy hour in our studios, these informal Q+As enable staff to learn more about INI and their colleagues, as well as to get advice for advancing their careers and to offer their own feedback. ALAs provide a forum where our leaders can be transparent in answering sometimes difficult questions, ultimately helping to rally our people around our efforts to design inspiring buildings and spaces and to continuously reimagine what INI is and can be.

Social Media Presence

Internship Program

Every year we select up to 10 highly motivated individuals for internship at our offices. For graduate (bachelor) students we require a commitment of minimum 5-6 months. We also offer summer internships for Post-graduate (masters) students for 2 months. As an intern we make sure that you are exposed to all aspects of the practice including design, delivery, site visits, etc. As an intern you will be part of a project team, involved in the same work as other team members, and sharing the same facilities. Expect hard work but also respect and to be taken seriously.

For graduate internships starting in January, please submit your application by 30th November. For internships starting in July please submit your applications by 31st May.

To be considered for internship program please submit your resume along with work sample and references to

Continuing Education

At INI, education does not stop at college. We continue to learn as we travel, read, interact and write. INI facilitates that deserving team members get a chance to do all of this. We believe that traveling, research, attending workshops and conferences is a great way to grow as a professional. Our scholarships enable worthy employees to further their interest in exploring a place, researching a new theme or attending a workshop to learn something new.

Each year INI provides four types of scholarships to such deserving employees:

  • Travel Scholarship – to travel to a new place to learn new (or old) design principles and understand their applications in current and local contexts.
  • Seminar-Workshop Scholarship – to attend a seminar or a workshop that can enhance knowledge and also widen our professional network
  • Research Scholarship – to research a new theme that can be used in our design solutions or can bring in new learnings
  • Outreach programs – to collaborate, travel and work with other International offices on projects

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