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INI Culture

We're creative thinkers with a passion for design and compassion for our communities.

We use the term “Studio Culture” often. The friendly, collaborative, and open culture of our studios brings in fresh ideas, creativity and fun at work! For us, design is a collaborative experience. We feel that it is our collective inner sensibility that contributes to the consistency and quality of our work. We enjoy working together and are open about sharing knowledge, research, and innovations. We strongly believe in and support inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary collaborations. Our design charrettes are best examples of ‘creative abrasion’ of multiple minds that come together to work on an idea and deliver their best outputs to deliver a solution that is inspiring and unique. During our design processes we engage people from diverse cultures, both from within our firm, our associate experts, and the local community. this diversity broadens our vision. Building alliances with other firms, partnering with our clients, and associating with all stakeholders is an integral part of our design process.

Diversity + Inclusion

"Our individual differences make us stronger and better, together."

A commitment to opportunity has always been an INI attribute. The diversity in our people, their cultures, ideas and backgrounds bring in the essential different perspectives that enrich our design and engineering solutions. We are an interesting blend of people with diverse backgrounds, varied expertise and a rich experience of working at different scales and different regions across the globe. Our mission is to promote an inclusive work environment and create a culture in which people from all walks can thrive. Diversity is critical for us. It reflects our rich plurality of age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, experience, expertise and geography. Because the more diverse our perspectives, the more innovative are our design solutions.

We welcome talent from every walk of life. We’re also an Equal Opportunity Employer.

To promote Diversity + Inclusion our activities include:

  • Facilitating staff discussions and events on work-life balance, leadership and equity
  • Promote firm-wide open discussion & mentoring
  • Conducting biennial employee career and opportunity surveys to solicit feedback and guide diversity initiatives

Engaging with across colleges and universities from different culture and geography with diverse populations.

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