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INI Stands For

INI stands for ideas that are driven by “n” number of I’s (InI) such as Inquiry, Imagination, Innovation, Inspiration, Integration, Inclusiveness and many more I’s,

Most importantly it stands for our core purpose which is delivering Integrated Ideas, referring to the integrated and collaborative nature of our practice and out of the box design ideas.

Our Vision

To be the best design practice in India and internationally driven by research, sustainability, and integrated processes.

INI Design Ethos

INI design philosophy has centred itself upon ‘collaboration’ and is guided by research, sustainability and integrated design delivery process.

A successful collaborative design delivery process is one that is able to clearly identify the goals, both individual and collective.

A good design for us lies at the intersection of aesthetics, functionality, cohesiveness and life cycle cost efficiency.

We think of built forms as ecosystems, where every element is linked to the other.

Diagram on how Design Evolves at INI

By Expertise

Commercial + Corporate + WorkPlace


Civic + Culture + Museum

Sports + Rec. + Entertainment

Healthcare + Science Technology

Township + Neighborhood Design

Planning + Urban Design + Smart Cities





Mix Use


INI Footprint

By Service

INI Milestone