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INI Drivers

We use the term “Design Drivers” many a times in our studios. These Design Drivers have become our common language for delivering Global+Local Level Design


Humanism to us is our sensibility for people, planet and lives in a collective philosophy

We do not look at design in isolation. We believe that a common thread connects all elements of built and natural environment Humanism. Humanism in our work values people and environment above all, but it especially values them within the context of community or a space.

Aga Hall Estate Redevelopment Plan, Mumbai, India : Exploring the links between the humanism and the Modernist approach.
Ornate Space, Mumbai, India : We keep exploring for "Excellence."

Design Excellence

We’ve set the bar high

We strive to creating environments where people can live happier, healthier lives. Working collaboratively with our clients—engaging, listening, questioning—until together, we raise the bar each time for ourselves. This defines excellence in design for us.

We work towards achieving excellence in all aspects of design - from quality, to professionalism, client satisfaction, and finally towards creating better spaces and better lives for current and future generations

ITC Tower, Bangalore, India : Passive strategy exploration for design "Excellence."
JSW Atrium HQ, Mumbai, India : Optimum day light "Performance."


For us, performance and aesthetics go hand in hand.

We look at each project as a microcosm, where every element is linked with one another. We believe great design cannot be achieved in isolation. Perhaps that has made us known as one of the best multi-disciplinary design firm. We take pride in knowing that our works bring joy to the people who use them and that we are able to make a difference in the lives of the users.

JSW Center, Mumbai : Atrium Velocity Modeling, CFD Modeling & Analysis for optimizing & human comfort and energy use.


Sustainability is firstmost.

The most effective designs are those that are in harmony with people, place, and environment. Designs that enhance human lives and preserve the vitality of Earth’s ecosystems are the ones that make a difference.

Sanskriti Eco-mmunity, Gujarat, India : Net Zero Carbon Community.

Our work strives for viable design solutions that enhance the physical, social and cultural environment

We are committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

SDGs give an important framework for design and construction industry. With the construction industry being responsible for nearly 40 percent of the global energy consumption, we believe a transition in approach here can play a key role in evolving towards a sustainable future Furthermore, our work as designers for built environment practitioners affects our common surroundings to such a high degree, that the SDGs are something that we are especially obliged to focus on. We try to identify ways to incorporate the goals into our daily work, and that our profession’s inherent ability to think holistically obviously implies a high capability to contribute to achieving the SDGs. Our Interdisciplinary Approach Fosters a Sustainable Mind-Set Practicing sustainable design takes a deeper sensitivity of the designer to understand the relationship between built environment and natural and cultural environment and ability to provide an integrated solution. INI design and delivery process strives for the same, where each goal is considered as a part of the whole picture.


We believe "We don’t accomplish anything in the world alone."

A good idea can come from anywhere. That’s why our design culture emphasizes teamwork. Teamwork can be truly achieved only when the individual goals are in coherence with the collective goals. As colleagues, we regularly challenge each other—sharing the pencil, testing assumptions, constructing and deconstructing—to get to the best solution. Peer review is the cornerstone of our practice.

Residence at Aalloha Hills : Intersection of aesthetics, functionality, and cohesiveness.


Our work seeks purity with perception of beauty

A good design for us lies at the intersection of aesthetics, functionality, and cohesiveness. The best idea is one that is driven by the value it is going to add to the lives of people who will inhabit these spaces. As a team we work hard to find meaningful composition, appropriate materials and thoughtful design language respecting its context.

Questioning + Learning + Researching

One of our greatest strength is keep questioning. Answers to our questions create the content that is the foundation to our design.

We believe life is all about continued learning…. Knowing more about the client’s business, industry, institution, environment, specific project requirements, context, culture, technology and so and so forth. Our inherent design philosophy is to deal with every design problem at a fundamental level.

Our work is a product of necessity. Our clients have needs and we design buildings and environments to serve those needs. Doing this requires us to familiarize ourselves with the larger universe in which each client operates. We delve into analyzing the user engagement with the space, the way they move through it while experiencing and interacting with it. Specific inquiries inform the design process at each level. We try to advance ourselves through relevant research activities. This process includes benchmarking, research, and professing on similar projects, which helps us identify relevant building systems, performance criteria, and building processes. Ultimately, content driven design solutions are ones that can optimize performance needs and user experience.

Design workshops are way of Designing and discovering @INI
Kedarnath Redevelopment, Uttrakhand, India : Contextuality and local craftsmanship integrated.


For us context is the key – from that comes the understanding of everything

Our design does not emerge out of or reside in a void. It is overly relational, connecting with the existing framework. We challenge ourselves to interpret and respond to the context – physical, historical, social, economical, institutional, regulatory, spiritual and more….


We keep challenging conventional thinking for creative outcomes

At INI innovation is really about a routine. We embrace the process of inquiry and research and put both experience and innovation into play.. Our DNA pushes us to challenge the way we view a project’s program, design context, delivery process, and technical requirements – no matter how many times we’ have been-there-and-done-it before.

Waste to Energy Campus, Ahmedabad : Innovative urban farming pilot project.
Aquatic Gallery, Science city, Ahmedabad : Innovation focus - Design & Construction Technology.


We want to be trend setter rather than following the trend. We push ourselves to learn, adapt and continuously improve facilitated by use of right technology.

Technology has revolutionized the potential of design and construction industry. Technologies such as BIM, 3D Printing, Virtual reality, and new softwares are transforming our boundaries. At INI we are committed to right technologies that help us in transformation and think differently..

VR and 3D Printing Technology

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