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Our passion for sensitive design and desire to give back to our community drive our conscience and creativity. We observe, engage and learn.

INI Design Studio is a multi-disciplinary, independently owned Collaborative design practice. Our work encompasses planning, architecture, engineering and design-built services for many sectors that cut across the sustainable built environment. Our partners are all practicing professionals and technical experts working collaboratively and we do so in friendship.

"Our Purpose is to bring the meaningful experience to users through good design which gives the best environment to live, learn, work, play and thrive."

Burt Hill Legacy, 1936 - 2010

Our journey started when in late ‘90s, when Jayesh Hariyani joined one of the top legacy design firm in USA called Burt Hill. Burt Hill grew into a top international design brand spread across many offices in USA and internationally. Jayesh served as partner and member of the Board of Directors of Burt Hill.

Burt Hill merged in Stantec in December 2010, including Burt Hill’s India South-Asia operation. Stantec started as a one-person firm in 1954, and today the Stantec community unites approximately 22,000 employees working in over 400+ locations across 6 continents.

Stantec trades on the TSX and the NYSE under the symbol STN.

Design Workshop in Mumbai for JSW Global HQ Project. Left to Right : Anton Germishuizen, Ar. Jayesh Hariyani, Sajjan Jindal, Tarini Jindal and Sangita Jindal

INI Design Studio (formerly Burt Hill – Stantec)

INI’s India Studio (formerly Burt Hill – Stantec) and INI Workshare Studio were established in mid-2007 with an idea of bringing international expertise with professionalism and design closer to the communities that we serve. In December 2015, Stantec’s India South-Asia operation was restructured along with the introduction of a new brand called INI Design Studio.

In 2016, INI acquired a legacy infrastructure planning & engineering firm called Seth Techno, rebranding it as INI Infrastructure and Engineering. INI Infrastructure and Engineering (formerly Sheth Techno) was established in mid-1990 with idea of offering best sustainable engineering solutions to buildings and infrastructure sector.

Design Workshop in Mumbai for JSW Global HQ Project. Left to Right : Ar. Anton Germishuizen, Ar. Jayesh Hariyani, Mr. Sajjan Jindal, Ms. Tarini Jindal and Mrs. Sangita Jindal.

Design Workshop for a Pharmaceutical Project in India.
Right to Left: Ar. Jayesh Hariyani and Ar. Koichi Kobayashi & Dr. Faruq Ahmed.

INI Design Studio (formerly Burt Hill – Stantec)

INI team, with its rich international experience and expertise dedicated to excellence in design, has a strong record of successfully delivering sustainable designs for our clients with integrity, team spirit, and best practices, both here in India and internationally.

Design Workshop for a Pharmaceutical Project in India : Right to Left: Ar. Jayesh Hariyani and Ar. Koichi Kobayashi & Dr. Faruq Ahmed.

Our concepts integrate architecture, engineering, infrastructure engineering, urban design, regional planning, landscape design, interior design, and environmental design by incorporating cutting-edge innovation for energy efficiency and sustainability into the design of our projects.

Having experienced the practice and cultures of developed countries and being aware of the prevalent conditions in developing countries, we see design as a bridge that could bring the two worlds closer and bind people together, helping them move along with the changing times.


INI Timeline

Our Journey Towards the success...


It started when in 1998 Jayesh Hariyani (after practicing in India, UAE, and Switzerland) joined USA based legacy brand called “Burt Hill” in Butler, PA. Over the years (1998-2007) Burt Hill rapidly grew into top international design brand spread across many offices in USA and Internationally. Few year later Jayesh becomes partner in Burt Hill and is elected as a member of the Board of Directors of Burt Hill.


Jayesh along with his wife Bindu founded Burt Hill’s practice in India/South Asia. Bindu Hariyani joined Burt Hill as Director of Operations for India/South Asia practice.


India/South Asia Practice grows from 3 people to family of 50+ while expanding it’s projects foot print across India servicing in many sectors that include, Regional and City planning, Urban Design, Master planning of large mix use developments, Residential, Healthcare, Hospitality, Education, Science & Technology, Corporate-Commercial.


Strategic merger with a Global Brand called “Stantec”. Burt Hill’s USA and International Practice including India/South Asia regions transition into operating under one global brand as Stantec.


India/South Asia Practice grows from 50+ to 100+ while expanding it’s geographic footprint while offering more expertise into additional sectors and services. This included but not limited to Transportation, Airports, Civic & Cultural, Industrial, Infrastructure Planning.


Restructuring of India/South Asia Practice and brand. Implementation of ownership restructuring and introduction of New Brand called “INI Design Studio”

Acquisition of Sheth Techno Consulting (India’s leading Infrastructure & Engineering Practice). Restructuring & integration of Infrastructure & Engineering practice as “INI Infrastructure & Engineering Pvt. Ltd.”

INI practice grows 150+


Introduction of the new brand “INI Workshare” with a focus on the collaborative “workshare” concept for international projects and clients. Introduction of INI brand’s presence in two international locations (London & New Jersey).

INI emerges as one of the top award-winning Design Practices across India and internationally with multiple offices while rapidly expanding and winning many iconic and strategic projects across regions including but not limited to Shiv Nadar University at Greater Noida, Signature City at Bangalore, Kedarnath Redevelopment Master Plan, Aquatic Gallery at Science City, Rajkot Smart Green City Master Plan, Gujarat Technological University, Belvedere Country Club at Shantigram, Nasik Airport and many more. INI also is recognised as a “Firm of the Year” and Nationally recognised with multiple Awards during this period.


Ar. Jayesh Hariyani receives the highest honor of FAIA given to an Architect by the American Institute of Architects (AIA). This Fellowship is awarded on basis of stringent evaluation by a distinguished International Jury.

The Vishakhapatnam Beachfront Redevelopment Project in Andhra Pradesh wins the highest award for best waterfront design. This award is instituted by Waterfront Excellence in Washington DC, for its Resilient and Sustainable Design.


INI Design studio celebrates the 15th anniversary of delivering Integrated Ideas, working as a collaborative practice with an integrated design process guided by extensive research and sustainability. INI again received “Architectural Firm of The Year” (organiser – Realty+). INI has been awarded more ICONIC projects that include Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Campus at Hyderabad, High-End High-rise signature Residential tower at Ambli-Bopal, and Badrinath Redevelopment Masterplan. High-rise Private Hospital Campus in South Mumbai to name a few.

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