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INI Impact

That’s the mission of INI IMPACT and Foundation activities and volunteer-participants who lead our approach to our environmental and social responsibility.

“We care about our communities, so we give back.”

One of INI’s core values has been that to care for the people, places and cultures that our work touches. INI IMPACT serves as a tool for addressing the social, environmental and economic impact of our work. here, we support our cause by providing pro- bono professional services, participation in community service events, and supporting groups that make a difference in the communities and cities where we live and work.


INI Foundation & Continuing Education Programs

The INI Foundation supports individuals with the social and sensitive design aspirations and enables them, through research and travel, to broaden their horizons and achieve excellence in their professional or academic careers.

Each year INI provides four types of scholarships to such deserving employees:

  • Travel Scholarship – to travel to a new place to learn new (or old) design principles and understand their applications in current and local contexts
  • Seminar-Workshop Scholarship – to attend a seminar or a workshop that can enhance knowledge and also widen our professional network
  • Research Scholarship – to research a new theme that can be used in our design solutions or can bring in new learnings
  • Outreach programs – to collaborate, travel and work with other International offices on projects
  • We believe that traveling, research, attending workshops and conferences is a great way to grow as a professional. Our scholarships enable worthy employees to further their interest in exploring a place, researching a new theme or attending a workshop to learn something new
  • In return for quality of health-hygiene, education, and infrastructure in rural & urban public schools

INI’s CSR (Social Purpose Program) allows us to contribute to our communities. We provide pro bono professional services to nonprofits for whom such services would otherwise be out of reach. We also roll up our sleeves and get involved in hands-on volunteer work. We get involved for tree planting drives, Red Cross blood drives, and lead fundraisers for emergencies to name a few activities. Whether it’s design or “sweat equity,” we’re inspired by the power of humble community connection.

INI Family along with it’s affiliated nonprofit foundation READ (visit: conduct activities and get engaged in Social Development Programs such as Education and Research Programs and Activities, Healthcare Programs and Activities, Environmental Programs and Activities.

We work with existing rural and urban area public schools that are failing and need immediate attention. Our focus is to work with existing public schools where the quality of health-hygiene of students, education and infrastructure is very poor and future of these kids is in danger. We work with all stake holders (Govt. bodies, administration of such schools, Students, Teachers, Parents etc.) of such schools to address issues such as health-hygiene of students, infrastructure, establishing a frame work and providing needed technology for an efficient day to day operation, teachers and staff training, and consultation of parents to deliver better quality education and improved living standards for such families.

"Our community participation for such work not only inspire us as designers; they also allow us to build INI Family’s character and help in building stronger ties with our communities."

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