Sinclairs Hotel

Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Sinclairs Hotels approached INI to create a new hotel concept for their growing hospitality portfolio. Envisioned was a modern boutique business hotel, proposed was an innovative concept that would create a memorable experience for guests and also would fulfill the client’s program requirements. The design revolved around the idea of creating a common space in the center of the building that encouraged people to use the space like a public park. This extension of a traditional lobby space helps define the character of the hotel. In addition, green elements used in the park area are carried throughout the interior to reinforce this idea of a modern public park and in turn create a healthy environment for those who work and stay at the hotel.

Builtup Area : 1,72,415 SF
Services : Building Design - Architecture, Interior Design, MEP Engineering, Landscape Design

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Boutique Hospitality Packaged with Resort-like Experiences

The boutique hotel project for this Kolkata site was driven by a special approach to its design whereby its seeming exterior compactness leads on to reveal a surprisingly open and green internal ambience. The requirement of a contemporary architectural style indicated a significant amount of glazing in the exterior. But, with the site flanked by a petrol pump on one side and an electrical substation at the rear, there were no views the glazing could overlook. The design therefore took on an inward-looking approach where all the 150+ guestrooms on the upper floors as well as the guest facilities on the lower floors overlook an expansive central courtyard which is detailed with soft and hard landscaping and water features.

Thus dispensed around its own internal landscape the hotel tends to exude a resort-like aura. The service core gets split and distributed into four corners of each floor, tying up the corridors that circumvent the rooms and look out through all four faces of the ground + 6 floors high building. A double basement provides ample parking space to completely avoid vehicular cluttering at the ground level.

Open Spaces in a Compact Built-form

The built-form is essentially a compact cuboid from which voids have been carved by placing two courtyards. While the central courtyard provides the landscaped social and recreational core, the forecourt functions as the arrival plaza. As it pushes back the central portion of the front façade, the receded part forms a bridge across two lateral wings. An infinity pool extends from a deck on this bridge at the second floor level and cascades down as a curtain to the water features below in the center court.

Blending Business and Recreation

Three large conference rooms that line up along the bridge on the first floor get panoramic views of the front and views of the central courtyard at their rear through the cascading water curtain. Akin to the guestrooms, the restaurant as well as the bar at the ground floor has been lined up all along the periphery of the courtyard, making a constant visual and physical connect with its beautiful landscape. The arrival lobby stretches out under the ‘bridge’ portion at the front with an elegant reception counter at one end. Thus, in-house guests as well as external visitors to the business center, restaurant and bar enjoy an open resort-like ambience within a close-knit setting.

"Integrating Holistic Hospitality With Efficient Space Utilization."

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