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Surat Diamond Bourse

Surat, Gujarat, India

The design for this buzzing hub of economic activity in the state of Gujarat was strongly influenced by the specific requirements of the facility. The high density of people-movement that the space was expected to experience, criticality of safe and efficient movement within and flexibility for future changes in office spaces were the driving factors for design. The design with a focus on energy efficiency and also being sensitive to the industry’s dependence upon sunlight for assorting and grading of diamonds lets ample daylight in all the office spaces. Grand atrium-like spaces not only let the light in, but also bring in a sense of openness. Green spaces and food courts are planned on every floor to provide for break-out spaces for socializing and informal interactions. Efficiency is maintained through the vehicular and pedestrian movement, ensuring no overlaps and adequate gates for entry and exit. The routes are designed to minimize travel and walking time within the premises and maximize time efficiency and security. Strategically located security lobbies ensure quick access to all spaces within it.

Size : 73,28,818 SF
Services : Master Planning, Programming & Planning, Architecture, Landscape Design, Engineering, Sustainability(Finalist - International Competetion Entry)
Collaboration : EssTeam

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Grand Diamond Trading Hub Design Driven by Security, Efficiency & Sustainability

Surat city in south Gujarat is known as a diamond trading capital with 90% of the world’s and 99.99% of the country’s diamond cutting and polishing as well as 90% of India’s diamond exports taking place here. Therefore, to fulfil a long-established requirement, the Surat Diamond Bourse was planned to facilitate an integrated platform for the operations of the mega diamond industry as a part of the Diamond Research and Mercantile City (DREAM CITY) located here. Trading and Doing Business is an act of collaboration and creativity, as well as an overlay of leisure and social moments. In the Diamond Bourse and park design, INI Design Team has systematic comprehensive research and extensive accumulation of practice. We design according to the culture and regional characteristics of different industry, so as to improve the work experience and stimulate the vitality of this campus. Planned on a 42.5-acre site to be used by 75,000 to 85,000 traders, brokers and affiliates, this mega campus design is driven equally by the factors of security, efficiency, sustainability as well as aesthetics.

The offices are essentially divided in three sizes of 300 sq ft, 500 sq ft and 1000 sq ft, with an inherent flexibility to multiply and merge into larger modules as per evolving requirements. The segregation of user and vehicular groups at entry and their planned circulation through the campus plays a vital role in achieving the essential managerial clarity of the Bourse. Parking also has been cleanly segregated between the basement, ground, and upper ground floors throughout the site ensuring ample provision. The latest available technology in corporate space planning, service and amenity provision have been adopted to enhance the quality of the workspace. The alliterative use of the diamond motif in the design from the shape of the footprint, to the shading devices and landscaping patterns lend a unique, eye-catching aesthetic to this grand campus.

Trees Inspire Efficient Planning & Connectivity through Branched Footprint

Taking inspiration from trees in nature, the design of the SDB has towers rising from a common third level podium which branch out from a central diamond shaped footprint into four primary, four secondary and eight tertiary branches which spread out all the way to the perimeter of the site. Some of the many virtues of this arrangement are efficient floor plates offering easy structural stability, column-free flexible interior spaces, guaranteed views and ample daylighting & natural ventilation to 100% of the offices. Moreover, the creation of nodes between the branches takes care of strategic placement of circulation and service cores, and ensures efficient connectivity required between the traders’ offices.

3 Tiered Security Plan to Ensure Fool-Proof Protection of High Value Business

From clear user-group and vehicular group separations right at the entry points to multi-layered security checks for each group at clearly designated locations, the design focuses on an impenetrable protection of the high value business conducted at this venue by the application of the latest technology in high end security systems. The 3 tiered security plan addresses security at entry to the campus, entry to buildings at basement, ground and podium levels, and through perimetric surveillance

Expansive Landscaped Podium/ Amenity Floor

The orientation of all branches of the building is planned so as to offer each office a fantastic view of the landscaped podium below and vistas beyond. The podium itself, stretching out over an enormous 4,25,000 sq ft, is exquisitely landscaped in its open-to-sky areas while housing a wide range of amenities under the towers’ footprint. Envisioned at the scale and grandeur of an international airport, these amenities include brokers’ lounges, F&B outlets, retail outlets, medical centers, ATMs, banks, courier/ concierge/ travel booking desks, offices, auditoria, auction houses, and many more which would enhance the convenience and comfort of conducting business at this venue. Battery Operated Vehicles are planned to ply along dedicated lanes weaving through the landscaped podium to aid in efficient mobility between various points on it

“Innovative Integration of Outdoors into Interior Space for Enhanced User Well-Being.”

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