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Al Aqr Resort

Oman, UAE

Located on the splendid coast of Al 'Aqar Resort in Oman, this resort community is a distinctive residential community with waterfront, serene beaches and gardens. This development is a contemporary resort that is deeply rooted in local culture and traditions and is inspired by the heritage and mystique of the region. The classically proportioned architecture is framed by the region’s natural beauty and complements the rich history yet also attempts a contemporary infusion of traditional Mediterranean flair and modern conveniences offering an elegant mix of gardens and neighborhoods. The community offers a resort hotel, luxury villas, exclusive club, retail, restaurants, townhouses and apartments, other community facilities, etc. The waterfront also provides boating mixed with dining opportunity. The terraced townhouse with a private boat dock connected to both the beachfronts to benefit from on the waterfront exposure creates a distinctive and opulent development will be the international paradigm for bespoke respite and indulgence experience.

  • Design is inspired by ancient forts and traditional Omani construction techniques with the use of local materials
  • Relaxed ambiance of the spacious suites next to swimming pool provide mesmerizing views of the mountain range, cliff and sea

Size : 3,073,100 SF
Services : Master Planning, Architecture, Landscape Design
Collaboration : Burt Hill, Jayesh Hariyani while Director at Burt Hill in association with Hydar Hassan, Director Burt Hill Dubai

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Splendorous Sea-side Resort Feting a Rich & Diverse Arabian Culture

This design for an expansive sea-facing resort offering a palette of varied experiences derived its inspiration from the rich diversity of the geography, history, cultural ethnicity and economic vibrancy of this Arabian host country. In addition to being the oldest continuously independent state of the Arab world, Oman distinguishes itself from its Arabian neighbors by its ethnically diverse citizenry developed as a result of its historically important position as a prime maritime trading port. The same age-old economic primacy has made it a land of riches, economically vibrant through various activities like the oil & gas industry, fishing, trade and tourism.

The seaside district of Al Aqar, in addition to being the significant site of some of the most ancient manmade structures, is also richly endowed with a diverse landscape constituting hilly cliffs and pristine beaches. The fragrant rose farms on its hillside terraces support thriving perfumeries. The resort which traces the site’s natural topography stretches across the sea-front and up to the foothills and cliff-sides encountered further inwards. The project aims to offer a happy mix of contemporary comforts and pleasures in traditional architectural expressions amidst the rich surrounding landscape.

Exquisite Suites for Intimate Relaxation

The resort design is laid out as a community encircling a focal island and spread outwards along the beach and inland towards the hills. Among the variety of residential holiday experiences offered by the resort is a centrally located chain of luxurious suites for intimate holidays showcased in tradition inspired Omani fort architecture that rises as tall contemporary towers with terrace gardens, set in manicured landscapes along its own water channel.

Transcendental Garden Villas, Cosy Courtyard Communities

An array of garden villas is strung along the stretch abutting the beach, wherein each villa has an entire face comprising one or more rooms around a private pool opening out through patios onto lush gardens and panoramic sea-views. Across a road from this string of villas are a community of residential clusters built around quaint courtyards which are ideal for family holidays to foster convivial bonding. Pools and gardens are woven around these clusters to complete the holiday experience.

Rejuvenating Wellness & Delightful Dining

The center of the resort is a peninsular projection into the sea surrounded by keys where boats are docked. This centerpiece hosts a traditionally inspired Souk (market), recreational and wellness spaces like a gym, spa and club as well as a variety of food & beverage outlets including some dining experiences aboard ships/ boats on the sea.

The resort is designed to deliver to its visitors the complete experience of a luxury holiday enjoying the material and natural riches of the Omani countryside between the blue sea and lush green hills, serving the objective of advancing the Omani tourism-based economy.

Image Credit: Stantec (formerly Burt Hill)

"Expanding Luxury from an Exclusive Idea to a Holistic Experience"

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