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The Palms Resort Club - Interior at The Parkway, Surat

Surat, Gujarat, India

Veritable Window to Nature at Activity-Packed Recreational Venue

The resort community of The Parkway planned on the outskirts of Surat includes a clubhouse located near the community’s entry point, named The Palms in reference to the existing stretch of palm trees lining a large 2-acre lake the club overlooks. The club is packed with an array of recreational and sports activities for its patrons from the community as well as a 30 keys boutique hotel with dining, café, banquet and a party lawn. Sport and recreation facilities include a discotheque, mini-theatre, billiards/ pool room, games & cards room, gym, table-tennis, squash, swimming pool with changing & shower rooms, and a kids play area – all lined up with the uniquely designed F&B facilities along the ground floor of the linearly planned building and facing the entrance from the community side. The first floor is entirely lined by the hotel guest rooms overlooking the lake on the other side along with a lounge and a presidential suite.

Size : 75,000 SF
Services :Interior Design, Sustainability

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This plan, which allows each space of the club’s interior to connect directly with the outer environment, has this natural connection further enhanced by the careful use of warm, earthy natural materials, colours & textures throughout its entire interiors. This linear planning makes for breezy navigation by its patrons and smooth and efficient operation of facilities. The carefully crafted interlace of natural textures & colours with detailed, profuse landscaping, extending all around the large lake as jogging track, promenade and gardens, makes the club a warm, inviting timeless commune to nature.

Local, Natural & Textured Surfaces Exude Warm, Inviting Vibe

The pervasive use of slatted wood in almost all interior spaces above head-level sets the mood at a raw, natural and healthful vibe. Wooden slats are used in the ceilings, in framing the large openings from the tops and sides and also in parquet patterned flooring in areas like dining & dancing spaces and on the decks that line the pools and the lake. As this pervasive material continuity makes a seamless interior-exterior weave, these wooden slats are most effectively used as drop screens punctuating the colonnade which harmonically aligns with the lake’s palm-tree line and also as a natural frame to the views outside from each guest room. All of the flooring, from the arrival plaza to the banquet, dining, games and recreational spaces including guest rooms, constitutes natural locally sourced stones like coloured granite, Kota and Cuddapa. Warm wall colours, lighting emanating from delicately crafted wood and coir fixtures along with mostly rattan woven furniture, perforated wooden screens complete the warm, inviting environment.

Meticulous Landscape Strategy Blurs Interior-Exterior Divide

Whether with the hard-scaping or the soft-scaping, a strategic continuity maintained in the interiors and exteriors helps blur the divide between the two. Just as strips of green planters highlight by contrast the arrival foyer’s flame finished antique brown granite paving, so do the spaced granite pavers bordering the party lawn enhance its green carpet. A detailed plantation strategy is followed for each space on the premises which lends natural exuberance to each facility, like the row of colourful blooming planters lining the exterior semi-covered passage/ verandah framing the view of the lake outside. High ceilings which allow warm air to rise and adequately fenestrated faces of the building which allow a flow of continuous cross-breezes cooled by the lake waters contribute to energy-efficient climate control as part of the sustainability strategy.

“Environmentally Conscious Hospitality Design Integrating Comfort, Sustainability, Nature & Inspirational Ambience.”

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