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Ornate Space

Andheri, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

A service apartment tower and a high end residential tower. With this basic program the client sought an iconic structure that would stand out against the background of Mumbai. Given this goal and the site’s proximity to the Arabian Sea an iconic shape was produced by connecting the two towers via two bridges. The base addresses the street experience connecting the retail shops to the street via large storefronts and vivid signage. Above the retail sits four levels of parking for the residents of the two towers. The service tower consists of five 650 sq.ft units per floor. The luxury apartments consist of two 1500-2000 sq.ft units. They are situated on the south side of the site above the street intersection. The two towers are linked by recreation spaces. The lower bridge serves as the recreation functions for the service tower while the upper bridge services the luxury tower.

Size : 7,73,048 SF
Services : Architecture Concept

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Bridging Towers to Frame an Iconic Mixed-Use Address

Ornate Space was a South Mumbai residential tower project located on a premium site which would afford panoramic views of the Arabian Sea. The client’s brief included a tower of luxury retail, hospitality and residences and another tower of serviced apartments as the program required to be accommodated on the site. INI Design Studio approached this design project with various resolutions for arranging these two proposed towers on site, exploring a range of forms, facades and juxtapositions which considered responses to context, view corridors, sunlight, wind, sustainability and functional efficiency among other factors.

The design has the two 37 story towers, one with 3 and 4 BHK premium residences and another with luxury serviced 2BHK apartments, interlinked by bridges housing their recreational spaces. These towers rise from a podium having high-end retail outlets with a landscaped urban plaza at the top, with three floors of dedicated parking for residents of both towers and three floors below that including a double basement having retail spaces with independent access.

Simple Geometrical Interlinking Forms Produce Iconic Framed Void

The design draws on the simple geometry of placing the two rectangular cross-sections of the towers at mutually perpendicular orientations at two ends of the site and proceeding to interlink them with multi-floored bridge-like arms at the top and bottom (above the podium). This arrangement frames a more than 30 floors high void – a massive picture frame to encapsulate the grand sights of Mumbai city through it – creating a breath-taking iconic visual form.

Hence, while the podium interacts with the immediate neighborhood at street level, beckoning through its glazed lit up shop fronts and plazas, the towers converse with the city at large, taking in endless views of the sea, the busy roads and the buzzing buildings spread around, seemingly acknowledging the city’s greatness in its own massive, framed void.

Clear Resolution for Retail and Recreation Spaces

Further than creating an iconic form, this simple design resolution ensures clarity in the allocation of spaces for various functions being satisfied by a well-integrated mixed-use program. Just as the basement and podium make neat slices available for retail and parking functions, the two bridges do the same for recreation. While the top bridge accommodates the recreational amenity spaces for the residential tower, the bottom bridge has the recreational facilities for the serviced apartment tower.

These also facilitate the opportunity for introducing significant greenery at various levels till the very top, also enhancing the visuals of the built form.

"To Build Tall is to Create Vertical Communities Housed in Distinguished Addresses"

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