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Redevelopment of Eden Garden Cricket

Kolkata, West Bengal, India

In anticipation of the 2011 Cricket World Cup, the Cricket Association of Bengal decided to engage an expert international firm to renovate this hotchpotch stadium to meet the standards maintained by the International Cricket Council (ICC). The arena now includes new and improved exterior wall, more comfortable seats, better concession stands, roof structure clad with a new metal skin, superior patron amenities, better structured stairs, modernized entry and exit points and a topnotch club house with world class facilities.

Size : 15 Acres, 70,000 plus Seats + Suites / VIP Box
Services :Master Planning, Building Design - Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Design
Collaboration : VMS

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Sporting Venue at Par with Best International Standards

This design project was a consequence of the Bengal Cricket Association’s decision to renovate and overhaul the iconic cricketing venue at Eden Gardens Stadium ahead of the 2011 Cricket World Cup tournament by engaging an internationally known sports design firm. Our design team was tasked with redeveloping the existing motley ensemble at the Eden Gardens Stadium sports facilities into an integrated world class cricketing facility with enhanced seating capacity and infrastructure and amenities at par with the best available globally.

The design team drew up a well-researched plan that began with realigning the geometry of the stadium bowl which enabled the expansion of its size and capacity within the existing space constraints. The master plan went on to integrate the venue with Kolkata’s transport network by introducing shuttle bus services and water taxis connecting the stadium with local bus and metro stations. This, along with enhanced facilities and attractions at the venue, helped to bring in more and frequent patrons leading to increased revenue generation.

Unified Aesthetics and Upgraded Amenities

The major part of the development design included the introduction of a completely new exterior façade with enhanced strength and vibrant aesthetics which unified the entire stadium ensemble into a single monumental entity. The roof structure was clad in a new skin of metallic panels that contributed to a visual uplift. Newer more comfortable seating was installed and more numbers of concession stands were inserted at strategic locations midway between the ground floor and upper concourse. Facilities like suites, press booths, club and others were reassessed and enhanced in terms of numbers and location and upgraded services were introduced to support the entire assembly. Advertising signboards were also overhauled to new digital systems with ribbon displays lining the entire stadium circumference and score displays were also positioned for better visibility. Washrooms and food stalls were re-imagined and designed to add comfort and convenience as per global community requirements.

Enhanced Infrastructure for Safety Security and Circulation

A large part of the improved design was the provision of safe functional spaces for spectators, players and administration alike, which involved recalibrating heights and measures of critical infrastructure like stands and seating. The circulation, ingress and egress of various user groups and their mutual segregation was also reworked as it was vital to the smooth and efficient functioning of the venue on events as well as non-event days and for efficient egress during an emergency. Enhanced security of players as well as patrons at the arena was another critical aspect which was addressed to create this world-class cricketing venue.

"Integrating World Class Sports Facilities with Local Communities through Iconic Venue Designs."

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