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Crescent Park Stadium & Sports Facility

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

The design theme for this sports cum recreational space is derived from the idea to connect the urban spaces - the granite rock park, Crescent Park and its extension connected with a boulevard. The park is designed to entertain all age groups by providing a cricket ground and stands, tennis courts, basketball, volley ball, swimming pool & associated services. The design encompasses feature walls, seating walls, planters, water features, plantations with colored themes and flowering seasonal trees to enhance the richness of the experience along the boulevard. The natural look is provided by using natural finished stones and retaining a maximum possible number of existing trees on the site. Several areas along the boulevard are kept permeable or semi permeable to allow the rainwater to percolate.

Size : 9 Acres + Surrounding Context
Services : Master Planning, Landscape Architecture, Sports Programing & Planning

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Integrated Urban Open Greens for Sports and Recreation

Called upon to design the 9 acre green lung of an exclusive comprehensively planned 100 acre township in Bengaluru’s satellite zone of Devanahalli, home to the city airport, the INI team responded with an approach that was sensitive to more than just the provisions in the brief. With a vision of sustaining and furthering the essence of the garden city, the design sought to knit this green lung into the fabric of the neighborhood by conceptualizing it as a boulevard that strings all the constituent elements together along its length.

This includes a large sporting arena having a cricket and football field with 400 m running track at the center, separated by landscaped buffers from the main vehicular road at one side and bounded by the pedestrian boulevard going around it on the other side. The boulevard widens as it approaches both ends of the ground to accommodate the parking bay and sports amenities like basketball & volleyball courts near the adjacent school at one end, and more sporting amenities like swimming pool, tennis courts near the club at the other end. Being detailed variously through its length with feature walls, seating walls, planters, water features, plantations with colored themes and seasonal flowering trees makes the park a rich experience zone.

A Boulevard Connecting Across Landscape Sections

The boulevard continues conceptually across the vehicular road at both ends to connect with the granite park and the extension of Crescent Park respectively to create an extensive stretch of landscaped terrain for citizens to experience and enjoy. These greens are physically and visually woven into the neighborhood in a seamless manner as the buildings across the road and the vehicles driving on it get treated to its panoramic views and neighboring amenities like the school and club get functionally integrated with it.

Sustainable Strategies for Selection of Soft- and Hardscaping Material

The design for Crescent Park adopts many sustainable strategies to ensure climate response, mitigation of disasters and conservation of resources. Rainwater harvesting is enabled by creating a collection pond at the natural sink point at the lowest end of the terrain’s existing slope. Easy percolation of rainwater through paving and other hardscape is enabled by selecting pervious material like natural stone which also blends in to with the landscape to enhance the natural ambience. Much of the existing plantation of trees has been attempted to be retained as intermittent natural orchards, while more native varieties have been newly planted. A patterned planting of seasonal flowering trees introduces fresh natural experiences at different times of the year for the users of the park to enjoy.

"Landscape Envisioned as an Integral Element to Enhance Sustainability & Quality of Life."

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