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Motorcity Masterplan

Dubai, UAE

The MotorCity design offers visual transparency and incorporates the fundamentals of smart building design. MotorCity is a development that features a mix of residential, hotel, and office buildings, with associated amenities and parking. The development includes a 32-storey office tower and a 28-storey hotel; the F1-X Theme Park; the ‘Turn Complex’, a unique auto showcase concourse; a full range of office space, including free-standing towers and linked streetscape structures; and a complete range of residential properties. The building blocks are radially arrayed around lush central courtyards that infuse vibrancy into both work and home settings. The fenestrations are intelligently designed to welcome natural ventilation while keeping out the harsh sun. Intricately detailed landscapes, ornate pavilions and grand avenues string together chunky building blocks and hence create a splendid alliance of mass and void.

Size : 3,51,33,403 SF
Services : Master Planning, Urban Design, Landscape Design
Collaboration : Stantec (Formerly Burt Hill) Jayesh Hariyani while Director at Burt Hill in association with Hydar Hassan, Director Burt Hill Dubai

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F1 Racetrack Themed Hi-End Lifestyle Destination District

Developed along a Formula1 Racing theme, this district in UAE’s Dubai is spread over 900 acres and offers a wide range of residential, commercial, office, and hospitality and recreation spaces. An INI senior team was involved in the planning and design of this Motor City district while director at Burt Hill. Our collaborative design team drew up the master plan for Motor City with arranged around an F! Approved racetrack at its heart and several offices, retail, residences and hotels in various building typologies planned in distinctive architectural expressions surrounding it. This destination development offers residents as well as visitors a unique lifestyle experience of indulging in auto and racetrack themed recreation options while living and working in exclusive green communities.

Choice of Residential Communes & Office

Motor City’s residential offerings include apartments, villas and townhouses in low, mid and high-rise structures set amid green landscaped cohesive communities. These include prime developments like the three phases of The Green Community as well as Uptown Motor City. Corporate and office spaces have been planned in free standing towers as well as linked urban street-scape structures with cutting edge technology and advanced services in attendance. All these are located amidst landscaped urban plazas and high-street shopping experience zones which create an exclusive vibrant and walkable urban realm of luxury and comfort.

Image Credit: Stantec (formerly Burt Hill)

Theme Based Recreation and Sporting Facilities

As the entire district is developed around the theme of Auto or F1 Racing, at the heart of this development is a F1 X approved race track which ribbons around the sandy landscape. Also included around this auto-drome are a Formula1 Theme Park, an auto showcase concourse called ‘The Turn Complex’, other auto and recreation related venues, green swards, street carnivals, gaming zones and exquisite shopping and dining experiences.

“Theme Based Lifestyle Experiences Integrated within Sustainable Green Communities.”

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