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Agora Mall

Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India

The Agora Mall is designed to achieve a strong and powerful identity. There are bold colours used throughout the interior spaces of the mall. The theme is red based on the red carpet concept of the cinema for the entertainment zone. The feature walls, breakout spaces, waiting lounge, history wall etc. also depict the history of Bollywood.

The textures of carpets and rugs are designed and selected in accordance of the overall theme. Ornamental lines and strips are used as design elements to depict the reel of cinema. These elements are seen on walls as diffused lights and in the floor too in the form of linear belts. The waiting area is equipped with some visually interactive screens to make the waiting time more enjoyable.

The layout is very efficient and provides a very unique experience all throughout the mall starting from the security to the insides of the theatres. Different kinds of landscape designs were also intervened to make the interior spaces more lively and interesting. Direct and indirect lighting was used to provide ambient lighting.

Size : 3,50,000 SF
Builtup Area : 1,00,000 SF
Services : Concept facade architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Design

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Flamboyant Celluloid Break from Monotonous Urban Life

One of the easily and quickly accessible options for a break from the monotony of working life that is available to present day citizens of large urban agglomerations, especially in the recent decades in India, has been a visit to a movie multiplex set within the ambience of a sparkling and buzzing mall. Agora mall presented INI Design Studio with an opportunity to create one such breakaway pocket for Ahmedabad’s people to enjoy a few relaxed hours while soaking In the magic of celluloid. The mall, equipped with shopping and eating outlets of various types in addition to a multiplex and enveloped in a vibrant aura, creates the perfect capsule of rejuvenating experiences for its visitors.

Vivid Colors, Varied Textures and Landscapes Combine to Create Themed Zones

The mall organizes itself in smaller pockets like waiting areas outside the movie halls, and zones like the ones around eating outlets, to create a variety of experiences. Vivid colors like red and amber, and textural variety obtained through an eclectic palette of upholstery carpets and feature walls & ceilings help define individual seating coves and activity zones. Introducing landscape elements like planters, green walls, and pebbledash plastered walls further enliven the interiors.

Endlessly Running Bands, Glittering Lights Lend Racy Energy

The racy vibe of cinematography and of quintessentially urbane interactions has been captured in the interior ambience through the use linear bands which seem to run endlessly through various surfaces.

The appear in different avatars, sometimes as bands of diffused lights running through the ceiling and walls, at other places as bands of stark color through the carpeted or tiled floor, or even as stems of accent lights cropping up from planters. The energy generated by this feature creates the perfect envelope for the cinematic spectacle it houses within.

"Crafting Bespoke Experiences through Expertise in Retail & Recreation Mixed Use Integration."

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