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Signature Project for Government of
Karnataka - KSIIDC

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

The key feature of this concept is the spectacular parkland at the heart of the site, which will be open at all times to members of the public. The core buildings forming the innovation district are placed at the periphery of the central park with views to its vastness of scale. Similar open spaces but varied in scale are designed for each of the other districts, namely Convention and Town Center district, Commercial and Office district and Aerospace and Aviation district. Open spaces act as focal points and activities are placed around them. Each of the districts are separated by greens that are designed as buffer parks. All these districts are connected by one major spine that runs in the center and unites binds the entire master plan.

Site Area : 408 Acres
Builtup Area : 3,08,16,300 SF (All Phases)
Services : Vision & Programming, Master Planning, Urban Design, Landscape Design, Global Benchmarking, Market Demand Assessment, Preliminary Financial Viability, Techno-Economic Feasibility Report, DPR, Infrastructure Planning, Sustainability
Collaboration : Jones Lang Lasalle (JLL)

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Knowledge & Growth Ecosystem of Development Districts Anchored to Central Park

The Karnataka State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation (KSIIDC), a department under the Government of Karnataka, intended to develop a linear stretch of 408 acres of land adjacent to the international airport at Devanahalli in Bengaluru as an incubator for economic activity and innovations which would stimulate the growth of the city. After exploring and examining several alternative visions based on exhaustive surveys, feasibility studies, research and pre-design studies, the INI team finalized a regional development plan for the area anchored to a green landscaped open space at its heart called the central park. The major roadway threads through the entire length of the master plan area looping around the eye-shaped central park which forms the focal point of all activities. This focal point is furnished with hard and soft-scapes as well as street furniture and amenities to enable vibrant urban life-activities in and around it through day and night. It is surrounded by buildings of the core innovation district like the business center, innovation and finance hubs, and research and development support systems which are the core drivers of growth.

Green Spines and Buffers Linking Specialized Districts Acting as Growth Catalysts

The rest of the districts namely Convention and Town Center district, Commercial and Office district and Aerospace and Aviation district are located in progression along the main thoroughfare on either sides of the central district. These are simultaneously segregated and linked by green buffer zones inserted between them, which are further linked longitudinally through the length of the master plan area via walkable green spines threading through the sequence of districts. Each specialized district thus becomes a part of the entire catalytic network acting in a synchronistical unison to further a sustainable growth of the city’s economy.

Self-Contained Living with Sustainable Growth

Each district, though focused on a specific sector, is self-contained for its own requirements and contributes towards the creation of a self-sustained economic growth potential in the entire master plan area. A sustainable environmental ecosystem is achieved by the incorporation of renewable energy technologies, renewable energy integration, climate responsive architectural guidelines, rain water harvesting and grey water recycling and reuse, sustainable drainage and waste disposal systems, responsible landscape design to encourage ground water recharge and nurturing of native biodiversity and ecosystems.

“Design Ideas for Economic & Ecological Growth and Sustainability of Vital Urban Regions.”

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