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Shivalik Shilp-II

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Distinguished Address for Business Growth Epicenter

Adding another high end business address to the Shivalik + Shilp groups commercial buildings in Ahmedabad, Shivalik Shilp – 2 was visualized as a hub of business and growth. Its location on a wedge-shaped plot sandwiched between two major approach roads, both of which lead to same major busy junction, demanded a compact design that made efficient use of the commercial FSI (FAR) while simultaneously delivering a qualitatively and aesthetically superlative experience to its users.

The ground plus thirteen storey structure’s footprint aligns to the site’s trapezoidal profile except in the southern corner which gets carved away to accommodate the landscaped entrance/ drop off plaza with water features for the office-users taking the cluster of lifts to offices at levels 3 to 13. This scooped out corner splits the 13 floors high (rear) southern façade into two vertical facets, instantly creating a distinguished aesthetic. Similarly the (front) northern façade has been split in horizontal bands at various levels to break down the mass of the glazed façade, the two bands at the upper (office) levels to reveal a faceted appearance.

Site Area : 1.4 Acres
Builtup Area : 4,94,852 SF
Services : Masterplanning, Building Design - Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Design, MEP Engineering, Sustainability

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The compact planning creates narrow floor plates, particularly at the levels above resulting in column-free flexible interior spaces that are easily adaptable to changing varieties of interior planning. It also makes natural ventilation and day-lighting equally available to all the offices, and vertical circulation cores effortlessly approachable to all users. The lowest three floors house exquisite showrooms of premium retail brands which relate directly with the street below through their dazzling glazed shop-fronts

Landscape & Leisure Carved into Compact Design

The front northern façade is divided into bands that recede or step backwards gradually at the third and fourth levels which allows open terraces to be lined along the entire length of the façade at that level. Tastefully landscaped with green and blue features as well as urban garden furniture, these terraces offer the ideal breakout space to the office users, affording them a connect with nature in the midst of their business hubbub.

Lavishly Conceived Interiors that Project Brand Image

Designed for high-growth corporate entities, offering a distinguished address from which to conduct their businesses, Shivalik Shilp 2 is amply incorporated with the global best of infrastructure, services and technologies for corporate efficiency, convenience and comfort. Likewise, the interiors of common spaces as well as individual offices reflect the lofty brand images of resident businesses through lavishness, style and exclusivity.

“Elevating Business Environments through Enhanced Design.”

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