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Rajkot, Gujarat, India

Overall design for Kalpvan focuses on minimizing building footprints and maximizing open and green spaces for the residents, and developing 75-80% of the site with open spaces for sports, recreation and leisure. The approach blends international urban planning methods and colloquial ways of life to create a response that is not only memorable, but functional and usable by myriad user types. Sustainable design strategies include use of solar panels, re- cycled water, minimizing heat loads, that further reduce the overall impact on the site and create a green campus.

Site Area : 19 Acres
Builtup Area : 2.3 Million SF
Services : Masterplanning, Architecture, Landscape Design, Infrastructure Design, MEPF Engineering, Interior Design (Core & Shell), PMC, Sustainability, Green Certification, Turnkey - Design Built -
Accolade :

  • IGBC Green Gold Rating
  • Best Affordable Housing Project of the Year - 2017 at the Property Real Estate Awards, Gujarat.

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Upending the Green Element at Home in All Senses

Minimal Built Footprints, Maximum Open Spaces

Located at Rajkot, Kalpvan is a mixed-use community which is planned with 80 % of its site left open, unbuilt. The idea was to create a lush green commune that enabled and nurtured a healthy, active lifestyle for its residents nestled among orchards and birds. The consequent skyline is defined by an array of 12 to 14 story towers flanking landscaped common spaces on either side. The modern style of architecture of these apartment buildings is complemented by design adaptations for colloquial lifestyle patterns, offering residents the best of both worlds. The residential provisions are accessorized by common amenities for leisure and recreation as well as shopping and dining outlets, making Kalpvan a self-sufficient walkable universe.

Landscaped Haven for Health & Leisure

The Uniqueness of Kalpvan’s design is its abundance of open green spaces despite a considerable dwelling density, making it appear and feel like an inviting verdant expanse. With every part of its common outdoors covered with paved walkways, green lawns, flower-beds, shady fruit trees, various water features, and intermittently installed sculptures and garden-seats, the layout extends an irresistible invitation to step out and experience it. An array of sporting and recreational amenities like a jogging track, board walks, play courts, sports fields, kids’ play parks, gym, and clubhouse add the value of a healthy lifestyle to the outdoor experience at this community.

Sustainability Prioritized with IGBC Gold Rating

A solar water heating system at the community level, photo-voltaic panels installed to generate solar energy, waste water treatment and grey water re-use systems to reduce water consumption, design strategies to ensure passive ventilation and cooling, resultant minimized heat load in effect reducing energy consumption and many such sustainability tools make Kalpvan a green commune in more senses than one. The project has been conferred an IGBC Gold rating.

"Elementally Green, Comprehensively Sustainable."

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