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Govt. Medical College & Hospital Campus at Baramati

Baramati, Maharashtra, India

The Government Medical College and Hospital Campus at Baramati is “A place that brings hope and provides the healing touch”. Applying this key theme to the Site, we have distilled the Masterplan with key building elements at the very heart of the facility with green spaces. Conceptually, visual links drive through the Site to the East and West, connecting the buildings to the natural surrounds, while key functional buildings are linked by weaving a “central plaza” and “greens”. Massing has been scaled to soften the facility’s visual impact.

Site Area : 23 Acres
Builtup Area : 12,50,000 SF
Services : Feasibility Study, Master Planning, Medical & Laboratory Programing & Planning, Architecture, MEPF Engineering, Civil & Structure Engineering, Interior Design, FFE, Lighting Design, AV, Acoustics, Environmental Graphics & Signage, Kitchen & Laundry Design, Lab & Medical Gases, Infrastructure Engineering, Landscape Design, HR, HIS, Project Management Consultancy (PMC), Sustainability
Accolade : Green Four Star Rating (GRIHA)

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Architecture for Hope & Healing for the Masses

This government medical (teaching) hospital and college campus at Baramati in Maharashtra was designed with the aim ‘to bring hope and provide a healing touch to the people in and around Baramati district. Thus, the architectural design needed to express both, the strength and capability to deliver world class medical and education facilities as well as the compassion to be accessible to the general population. Located on an extensive corner site, the built environment of the campus is resolved into constituent blocks which are arranged to fan out symmetrically around a diagonal axis in the most optimum manner. This also allows for efficient circulation and clearly defined entry and exit points for various users from both the approach roads abutting the plot.

The hospital building with its statuesque form placed in front is approached through a well-planned drive- way and porch which leads to the elaborate arrival lobby inside under a sky-lit atrium. This atrium lobby also acts as the bridging link between the two wings of the stilt plus seven floors hospital. The atrium lobby is the main waiting area for patients and visitors where comfort is ensured by the skylight allowing in optimum daylight and the clearstory ventilators below it ejecting warm air to keep the waiting area naturally cool. It leads through to the landscaped central plaza at the heart of the campus through which one can access the medical college building behind it. This ground plus five floors college building also has two symmetrical wings connected by a monumental bridge attached to the central library and auditorium block which has an amphitheater for large gatherings and outdoor events at its topmost level. Residential clusters for the resident doctors, nurses, staff and students has been planned on either sides of this central hospital cum college complex. Well thought and detailed facilities for out-patients as well as admitted ones, for paramedical, diagnostic, medical, surgical as well as specialized procedures have been designed to be availed by patients in the most effective way.

Most Sustainable Campus Ensured by Coordinated Integration of Hospital and College Facilities

More than twenty-five departments of the hospital block located in front are optimally linked with the respective departments in the college block located across the central plaza behind it to enable a well- integrated medical education and treatment process to flow seamlessly. Each department of the college offers a department library over and above the resourceful central library. Design and engineering integrates many passive design strategies beginning with correct orientation of built forms, natural and passive ventilation, native landscape, rainwater harvesting, zero discharge and many more which enabled a pre- registration with GRIHA/ IGBC for gold level rating.

Landscape Woven in with Built Spaces for a Healing Ambience

A landscape of native varieties of trees and bushes interspersed by water features adorns the central plaza, the ornamental forecourt and the green open spaces weave around all the built spaces. Here, patients, relatives, doctors, nurses and staff - all connect to the serenity of nature to relieve their stress and find hope & healing.

"An Integrated Approach to Healthcare Architecture Enables Holistic Healing."

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