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School of Engineering, SNU

Dadri, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Vibrant Tech School Integrated with Heart of Campus

The School of Engineering is located at the heart of the green SNU campus. The architecture of the Engineering School block forms a part of the arc of initial structures planned around a natural lake, paths radiating from which go on to join the central axes and quadrangle at various points to define major nodes of the campus. The two arms of the Engineering building fork out to form ever-widening green courtyards in between, finally opening out to the central quad across a main axial campus road. As the widening courtyards between arms of the block are spanned across by connecting bridges at two sequential points, this configuration offers a well-knit integration of the school’s spaces with the campus exteriors. This integration aligns with the University’s philosophy of an integrated and research oriented pedagogy where students have the opportunity to choose different courses of their choice from the broad spectrum offered at the five departments housed within the Engineering School.

Builtup Area : 3,12,411 SF
Services : Programming & Planning, Building Design – Architecture, MEPF Engineering, Civil & Structure Engineering, Interior Design, FFE, Sustainability & Green Certification, AV-IT, Acoustic, PMC Support, Lighting Design, Environmental Graphics & Signage
Accolade : IGBC - LEED Gold Rating

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Day-Light & Natural Ventilation Flooding Internal Commons and Corridors

Being flanked by wide open spaces on the external faces and large courtyards on the internal faces, both arms of the building receive ample daylight and air. Furthermore, the doubly loaded corridors within have large cut-outs carved into each of the three upper floors at frequent intervals, forming light-wells that illuminate and air them completely. The corridors are designed to resemble large common spaces rather than linear vestibules, widening further at intervals into spaces where students can linger, interact, exhibit work, congregate and add to the vibrancy of the learning environment.

Learning Environment & Infrastructure at par with International Standards

Beginning with the voluminous entrance foyer atrium that houses all learning and collaborative spaces including all classrooms, conference & meeting rooms, auditorium, laboratories and admin facilities – the infrastructure created here is at par with best global standards. While the high ceilings and wall-to-wall stretch of green-boards, interactive digital & projector technologies contribute to an elevating ambience, the close semi-circular seating arrangement surrounding a thrust lecture podium lends a sense of collaborative dialogue between the students and faculty. The auditorium has advanced lighting and acoustics that create exalted experiences while the proximity between the stage and the audience ensures total mutual congruence. This play of open, covered and covered spaces offers a connection to nature outdoors and integrates the Engineering School as a part of the larger vibrant learning environment.

“Learning Environments Defined Equally by Inspiring Edifices & Synergizing Spaces.”

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