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Nasik Airport

Nasik, Maharashtra, India

Avian Inspired Biomorphic Silhouette for Passenger Terminal Facility

As the first commercial air transport terminal for Nashik city, which was otherwise dependent on facilities at Mumbai and Pune for passenger air travel, this airport project is located within the Ozhar campus of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, the country’s premier manufacturer of fighter aircraft like MIG and Sukhoi. This new passenger terminal is planned at a site demarcated by HAL on their campus at the end of an extended existing taxiway, and the design took advantage of existing facilities like the HAL’s air control tower. The rectangular footprint of INI’s design has the airside activities to its east and the landside activities occurring on its western front.

A curvaceous silhouette that traces the arched wings of a bird taking flight informs each modular unit of the roof of the terminal building. The peaking and dipping curvatures of the entire undulating roof evoke a cloudy sky- scape, the gently arcaded roof profile lending the transparent façade a weightless airborne quality. Owing to this roof being supported through a triangulated system of tensile steel cables, a large span interior with 32 m bays between columns which lends itself ideally to the building’s intended public terminal facility and functions.

Site Area : 22 Acres
Builtup Area : 88,985 SF (All Phases)
Services : Vision & Programming, Feasibility & DPR, Masterplanning, Architecture, Landscape Design, MEPF Engineering Landscape Design, Interior Design, MEPF Engineering
Collaboration : P. G. Patki

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Functional Zoning Eases Passenger Mobility, Security and Comfort

This modestly sized air terminal is laid out with clear functional zoning to perform with optimal efficiency. A large forecourt facilitates a clear driveway, drop-off/ pick-up bays and ample segregated parking for both, arrival and departure facility users. The building itself is clearly divided into two functional parts, the larger northern part for departures and the southern one for arrivals. Within each part, the sequence of inherent procedures, starting with baggage screening and ending with the holding lounge near the gate for the departures and starting with baggage claim and ending with cab booking/ immigration counters in the arrival section, are laid out along clearly demarcated, uncluttered paths. The flow of passengers as well as baggage through the required screens and checks is well defined and each section is amply provided with restroom and refreshment facilities.

Interior Planning Aligned to Create Ambient Public Space Grandeur

All the components of the entire interior space are divided using partitions of half the ceiling height as if they are a set of individual blocks within the larger terminal block. This allows the undulation roof curvatures to be appreciable from anywhere within the terminal and lends a monumental scale to the interior volume which is suited to its public facility status.

"Seamlessly Integrating Aesthetics, Sustainability and Functionality in Urban Aviation Infrastructure Design."

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