Bhopal Sports Complex

Bhopal Sports Complex Bhopal, India The design of the Bhopal Sports complex was envisioned to create a multi-venue sports enclave of international standards and facilities

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Motor City High Street

Motor City High Street Dubai, UAE As part of the MotorCity master plan, a main street retail and commercial spine was created to provide a

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Motor City F1-X Theme Park

Motorcity F1-X Theame Park Dubai, UAE F1-X is an exhilarating theme park celebrating the spirit of Formula One Racing. Combining the excitement of Formula One

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The Other Side

The Other Side Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India The resort community was conceived with the idea of “green tranquility”. It satisfies the need for solitude as well

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Surat City Square

Surat City Square Surat, Gujarat, India Surat is one of the fastest-growing cities in India with a strong and versatile economy and is the home

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