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Samyak Apartment

The project constitutes spacious 4 BHK apartments planned efficiently in a mid-rise building which sits compactly on a rectangular plot at Ahmedabad’s famed commercial hub

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Shivalik Edge

Responding to the growing need of housing in the city of Ahmedabad, the INI Team develops a design solution in an elegant form and prime

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The Other Side

The resort community was conceived with the idea of “green tranquility”. It satisfies the need for solitude as well as socialization, the desire for security

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The Gran Carmen

A revolutionary approach in terms of residential development, the Grand Carmen boasts of being a predominantly tar-free community with walkable neighborhoods. Each of the houses

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The Gateway Towers

The Gateway Towers, as the name suggests, are a set of identical twin towers framing the entrance from Sheikh Zayed Road into the Al Khaleed

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Patel Residence

The Patel residence is located in one of the prime suburbs of Ahmedabad. A firm believer in the principles of Vastu Shastra the client required

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