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One Tapi

Surat, Gujarat, India

Situated alongside the meandering Tapi River coursing through Surat city, "One Tapi" incorporates the organic contours of its inspiration, creating a harmonious blend with the majestic river. The avant-garde tower, characterized by its sinuous silhouette, integrates into the natural tapestry of its surroundings. Designed for an ultra-luxurious experience, this residential tower with exclusive waterfront sky villas affords a panoramic spectacle, offering unobstructed views of the river and the city skyline. One Tapi emerges as a defining landmark poised to elevate both the residential and architectural standards of the city

Site Area : 47,264 SF
Services : Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Design, Engineering, Sustainability

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A symphony of Fluidity and Functionality

This exclusive residential enclave stands as a majestic edifice, soaring to a height of 70 meters across 14 floors, consisting
of 26 opulent villas, including penthouses. Designed as a lavish 5 BHK residence, each sky villa boasts distinct user and
service entries, ensuring both exclusivity and convenience. An abundance of natural light and ventilation is facilitated by
strategic placement of apertures and incorporation of transparent surfaces on both sides along the sinuous structure.
The expansive and graceful sweeping sky decks promise an unmatched panorama of the city and the riverfront.
Floor-to-ceiling operable glazing and generous open spaces leverage the natural beauty of the surroundings, crafting an
immersive and unparalleled living experience. The villa interiors also mirror the fluidity of the external form. Curved
corridors and expansive open spaces facilitate a dynamic spatial flow, which invite seamless movement throughout the
structure, encouraging exploration and endowing an element of surprise and awe to the space.

The first two levels integrate a diverse range of high end club and amenities, enhancing the overall functionality of the premises. Catering to a broad spectrum of users and age demographics, these floors feature a library, multiple swimming pools, social clubs, cafeterias, an infinity common terrace, and a designated area for toddlers. Strategically positioned to facilitate community interaction and engagement, these amenities foster a sense of connection among residents, cultivating a harmonious relationship with the premises.

Sustainable silhouettes underline a Green intent

The sustainability of the site is fostered through passive design strategies, where water features and contextual landscaping exert a positive influence on the micro-climate. Rooftop solar panels, along with strategic orientation for ample daylight and cross ventilation in the villas, mitigate the electrical load—aligning with India's 2070 objective of achieving net-zero emissions. The integration of green building technologies, energy-efficient systems, and utilization of eco-friendly materials collectively contribute to a structure that not only respects, but actively advances the cause of environmental preservation.

Under the night sky, the architectural curves are artfully highlighted through innovative lighting design, forming a visually compelling and distinctive silhouette. The interplay of light and shadows introduces an additional layer of artistic expression to the architecture, elevating its aesthetic appeal post-sunset.

"A Riverside Oasis of Elegance, Luxury, and Sustainability."

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