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Villa Nandan Baug Terraces

Villa Nandan Baug Terraces Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India Villa Nandan Baug Terraces, situated on the outskirts of Ahmedabad, stands as a testament to modern architectural brilliance

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Petrotec Manufacturing Campus

Petrotec Manufacturing Campus GIDC, Gandhinagar, Gujarat India Manufacturing Facility Designed for Efficiency & Comfort The client is a global brand focused on the production, marketing,

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Om Espier – Interior

Om Espier – Interior Anand, Gujarat, India Om Espier provides a platform for international style offices and showrooms within the humble confines of the city

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Patel Residence

Patel Residence Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India The Patel residence is located in one of the prime suburbs of Ahmedabad. A firm believer in the principles of

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Kalpvan Rajkot, Gujarat, India Overall design for Kalpvan focuses on minimizing building footprints and maximizing open and green spaces for the residents, and developing 75-80%

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INI Office

INI Office Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India In order to foster a participatory environment, the office features spontaneous ideation areas where visitors and staff can collaborate on

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