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Regional Science Centre at Vadodara

Vadodara, Gujarat, India

The Regional Science Centre in Vadodara is designed to seamlessly blend science, nature, and community. Strategically located, spread across 10 acres, the natural landscape and local context serve as both architectural inspiration and a thematic connection. With a design concept that aligns with the city's cultural heritage and its proximity to the Vishwamitri river, a unique opportunity for storytelling enfolds within and beyond its walls.

Site Area : 10 Acres
Builtup Area : 94,722 SF
Services : Feasibility Study, Programming, Master planning, Building Design - Architecture, MEPF Engineering, Interior Design, Art & Exhibit Curation, PMC, Structure Engineering, Landscape Design, AV/Acoustics, Lighting Design, Infrastructure Engineering

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An Experiential Journey Through the Spectrum of Science and Technology

With a vision to give back to nature, an arrival plaza adorned with trees and external exhibits creates an immersive outdoor experience, establishing a tangible link to the surrounding environment and emphasizing the relationship between various branches of science and the environment. Manifestation of the Vad (banyan tree) takes form in the shape of structural columns, adding an aesthetic dimension while allowing for larger, column-free spans, which provides flexibility in gallery planning and visitor movement. Masterplan includes a canopy walk and river viewpoint, a solar tree parking area, and interactive outdoor displays, all aimed at enhancing the visitor's connection to the natural world and sciences.

The centre covers a wide spectrum of scientific and technological facets, spanning topics from the marvels of our cities and industries to the dynamic shifts within our world. The immersive experience in the Tree Trunk Theatre crafts a captivating narrative through projections, that explores the evolution from simple elements to complex systems, all within the context of humanity's impact on the delicate balance of nature.

From the outdoor science-based exhibits at the Welcome Plaza to the exploration of fundamental science themes, the intricate workings of the human body, and the interactive Exploratorium, the centre offers a diverse range of learning opportunities. Engagement methods vary to accommodate different learning styles, including narrative and informative displays, immersive and interactive exhibits. Visitors can explore infographics, interact with characters, engage with static models, and dive into audio-visual presentations, hands-on activities, simulations, and interactive media

Preserving Nature's Legacy Through Green Design

Eco-consciousness is manifested in myriad ways. Incorporating solar power generation, shading strategies, rainwater harvesting systems, water-efficient fixtures, and low-emissivity glass, the architecture minimizes its environmental footprint while maximizing the visitor experience. The design seamlessly integrates with the surrounding landscape, ensuring minimal disruption to the site's natural features. The use of eco-friendly materials, maximization of natural light, and optimum design integration of engineering systems further reduce the ecological impact.

A Profound Concept Rooted in Interconnectedness

The Vishwamitri River plays a pivotal role in the centre’s narrative. It serves as a powerful symbol of interconnected ecosystems and acts as a compelling storytelling element, both within and outside the museum. The theme that unites all topics within Vadodara's Science Centre is the idea that "Nature is the mother of science, and everything is interconnected." The exhibits draw visitors into the intricate web of interdependencies, revealing the unity underlying the diversity of the natural world.

"Uniting Science, Nature, and Community in an Odyssey of Discovery."

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