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Shivrajpur Beach Development

Dwarka, Gujarat, India

Sustainable Tourism Vision Plan for Unique Scenic Beach

The project entailed the development of a stretch of 4+ km of a unique and scenic beach on Gujarat's coastline along the Arabian Sea, located near Shivrajpur Village lying midway between the nearest railway stations of Dwarka and Mithapur. The project is a part of the Gujarat Government’s Tourism Development Plan for the state which recognized the promise of this beach as a tourist magnet with the potential to strengthen its proximal road, rail and air connectivity

Site Area : 10 Sq. Km.
Services : Masterplanning, Urban Design, Physical assessment and site surveys, Beachfront development, Landscape Design, Traffic Assessments, Transportation Planning, Stakeholder Consultations, Environmental Impact Assessment, PMC, Infrastructure Engineering, Sustainability

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The beach offers several unique features which are showcased and developed as part of the two-phase development plan evolved by the INI Team. These include unique ecological features like rocky edges, sand dunes, mangroves and coral reefs located near the shore, in addition to the beach receiving a ‘Blue Flag’ tag. These also include some socio-cultural and historic assets like a temple, a lighthouse and an ancient fort. Additionally, the beach is scenic, clean and offers a considerable width of space for activities to be planned. The master-plan uses sustainable landscape design strategies to create multi-use destinations anchored around these unique features and other potential magnets along the four km beach stretch that include activities and amenities for a variety of users through all seasons.

Development through Connectivity, Intervention & Infrastructure

The master plan for the destination include recreational, amusement and other theme based parks at the far ends and center of the 4 km stretch connected by a board walk that traces the entire beach length. Various activities and amenities are strung along this spinal board walk ranging between jetties, decks, water sports and camping sites, aquatic gallery, snorkeling point, promenades & scenic trails, cottages, food courts, restrooms, hotel, boutique resorts, and many more such features. An integrated beach development vision has been achieved by connecting the beach and its array of activities to strategic towns, cities and nodes by strengthening an existing road network at the regional level. The links to the nearest railway stations and airports have been enhanced and tourist facilities like hotels, restaurants, public amenities are infused into the locality and its neighborhood by through direct infrastructural interventions as well as incentivizing policies. The proposed policy framework also includes strategies to provide ample parking, efficiently manage traffic, strengthened links to other spots of tourist attraction like Dwarka, Beyt Dwarka, Mithapur and Nageshwar Jyotirling bolster the tourism vision by creating a hub with multiple magnets.

Environmental Integrity as Prime Focus

All the activities and infrastructure are planned and designed within the framework of ecological sensitivity and all-round sustainability. A conscious effort has been made to weed out elements that may cause harm to the biodiversity and natural balance of the ecosystem in and around the 4 km beach length. This sensitivity is maintained through all elements of the design, be they landscapes, boardwalks, tourist amenities or recreational facilities, and through both phases of the execution. The choice of activities, infrastructure and materials & technology are guided by principles of responsible tourism which allows a holistic sustenance of context & contents.

“Enhancing Ecology & Economy through Responsible, Integrated Tourism Planning.”

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