Sanskriti Eco.mmunity

‘Net Zero’ Community by Culture, Lifestyle & Design

‘Net Zero’ Community by Culture, Lifestyle & Design Sanskriti Eco.mmunity was an idea seeded with the vision of a developmental alternative for human communities/ settlements to the existing consumer centric, capital intensive and resource guzzling models of building which have brought upon our planet the climate emergency, ecological unsustainability and a bleak future for the human race.

After intense research and always; this alternative model of development seeks to pursue an ethical strategy which is in alignment with natural systems and integrates the larger good of the planet with a technologically advanced, well provided, comfortable built environment and lifestyle within the community site. It seeks investment from like-minded individuals in establishing a mixed use community which incorporates systems that ensure a net zero energy, water and waste disposal situation where resources are not just conserved but are regenerated to yield ecological, socio-cultural and economic benefits to its residents as well as to the world at large.

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