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We are Developing New Knowledge Every Day

"Research as the Intellectual fuel for the engine of innovation and growth for design."

When design caters to the public, it has to move from being abstract to becoming more practical and approachable. For this, the solution needs to build upon a strong research base. At INI, we delve into analyzing and understanding the user engagement with the space, the way they move through it while experiencing and interacting with it. The research cell at INI actively engages in the ongoing and prospective projects to understand the interface between design and its social, cultural and environmental facets. Through research, we try to connect our ideas and design professionals with the academia and the community at large. Spreading the reach further, INI has also ventured in publishing. Our first book “DESIGNING for MODERN INDIA” provides insights into our work, ethos and design philosophy. Our ongoing research and publication ventures include research-based monographs and papers that attempt to theorize our works and their influence on the social, cultural and environmental parameters. 

The research cell engages in:

  1. Policy research
  2. Design Studies (pre-design, user-oriented, post-occupancy)
  3. Community and social research
  4. CSR activities

"Our Design practice value research and consider it to be intrinsic to our work."

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