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Public Health & Environmental Engineering - Water

Water is life and we care for every life

By viewing water as an integrated system, INI delivers solutions to conveyance, wet weather flow and stormwater, wastewater treatment, water treatment, and water resources projects that minimize cost and maximize the sustainability of the resource.
Health and environment are two critically important factors contributing to a sustainable society. Getting them in order with proper planning, process design, treatment and disposal, hence become vital aspects that we take care in water treatment and sewage management.
INI aim to add to the quality of people’s lives and make a meaningful difference. Our commitment towards sustainable development has continuously reflected in our work. We bring expertise in working alongside Governments, Municipalities, PPP developments or private townships and campuses to ensure a reliable and affordable supply of water to the masses. Further, we also assist urban authorities and developers for delivering water to the industries and rural developments, aiding to economic activity.
INI brings expert associates and specialists who will thoroughly investigate all the potential sources of water including rivers, reservoirs, groundwater and seawater and consequently help strategize the necessary treatment technologies, including desalination and membrane filtration. Further, we provide comprehensive design services for the preferred scheme once we finalize and optimize the solution. Our associate experts bring expertise in water transmission across various channels such as pipelines, pumping stations, and large diameter tunnels.

INI’s infrastructure planning, design and engineering services are provided by – INI Engineering & Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. Together, we offer integrated architecture, design and engineering services under one brand name. For details on the scope of services provided, expertise and projects in this sector, please refer the link below:

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