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Refinement by Music

I always wanted to play music like pro!! That did not happen, so I fulfil my dream by painting music!! To me Music is experiential.

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Jazz Fantasy & Design

When I start a new project, it helps to fantasize like jazz musicians do for creativity to flow. When I get the program and a

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Jazz Mindset

I love concept of collaborative creativity… I think it requires a unique mindset. As an Architect and Planner, we design and create and play collaborative

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White Stealing

Yashoda appealingly asked Krishna as to why he was going to the Gopikas’ houses to steal their butter when there was so much butter in

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Urban Landscapes

Much recent talk of rural landscapes is characterized by notions of crisis and catastrophe that invoke fear in the face of uncertain future. Central discourses

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True Love

Mira (16th Century, Rajasthan) resolved to make Krishna her lifelong friend, lover, and husband. Throughout her turbulent life she never wavered from her youthful commitment.

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Last Calling

Radha is no one but Krishna himself. God assumed two bodies for leela, and two became one in Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Avatar. Radha is no

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Famous story of Brahma watching the maya of Krishna in deep fascination, as Krishna changed from cow to gopi to Krishna and then into multiple

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