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Water is the most important planning element which brings human comfort for physical and psychological levels

Think Big, Think Interdisciplinary. While design interventions along the water’s edge are invaluable—they create the character and experience of the water—without urban design and planning, many a waterfront sits empty, devoid of traffic and vibrancy. INI believes that the beauty and elegance of design must pair with contextual planning decisions around the site and its relationship to the urban fabric, movement systems, and ecology. Speaking of Ecology. Integrated solutions to improving the ecological health of waterways are never an afterthought. A robust understanding of watersheds, habitat needs for native plant and wildlife species, and opportunities for water quality improvements are all critical assessments that must be made in the planning process. The waterfront is but one component of a much larger natural system that must be considered in its full context.

Our design process is very collaborative that includes but not limited to biologists, environmental specialists, engineers, the people and government authorities and political & social leaderships to create sustainable waterfront developments that are active for recreation, leisure, social and cultural activities.

"Great Design is Vital to A Great Waterfront, As It Synthesizes All the Systems, Flows, and Interactions Between People, Nature and The Built Environment to Create Places That Are Contextual and Inspiring."

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