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Township + Neighborhood Design

Empowering Communities

"Living, working, shopping, learning, and discovering combine to create lively, innovative, and sustainable neighbourhoods."

The Township neighborhood design is the fundamental increment of every city, town, and village. We work with communities and master developers to prepare vision plans, zoning standards and design guidelines to preserve the character of existing neighborhoods, shape change in neighborhoods in transition, and establish new neighborhoods in greenfield, brownfield and Greyfield contexts.

Strong communities don’t just happen—they’re properly designed and built. They’re creatively imagined, collaboratively planned, and readied to face tomorrow with optimism. That’s why at INI, we take our promise to design with community in mind straight to the heart of cities and towns. Whether we’re bringing new life to an urban center, transforming a brownfield site into a valuable asset, or developing a new place for families to grow, we balance the needs of today with a passion for tomorrow. We believe great places add to the sum of human happiness. INI designs economically and environmentally resilient communities that foster physical and social well-being.

INI Design Team creates generous urban places in the form of cities, towns and neighborhoods, which encourage walking, diversity and complexity. Our projects generate the physical framework for a fulfilling human existence. Safe, pedestrian-friendly streets encourage people to walk in and interact with their built and natural surroundings. A well-designed public realm, including “third places”, where people hang out beyond home and work, facilitates the creation of social networks and affiliations.

"Allowing Values to Define Workspace"

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