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Masterplanning + Urban Design + Smart Cities

Laying the foundation for healthy, sustainable cities

Everywhere we work—in cities and outskirts; economic shifts and demographic trends are creating an urban renaissance. We hear from our clients they need a new approach to the challenges they face—one that's integrated—and our Urban Places team provides just that. Bringing together urban experts across a wide range of disciplines to collaborate in helping communities across the globe chart a path to increased livability, equity, and sustainability.

Bringing together global experts in smart mobility, resilience, real estate feasibility, planning and urban design, mixed-use architecture, smart cities, and brownfield redevelopment, our Urban Places team is uniquely positioned to provide our clients innovative and creative plans and designs from a cohesive, focused team.

"Streamlining Operations and Improving Efficiencies."

Urban Architecture:
Our expertise include smart infrastructure, smart mobility, resilience, industrial & real estate feasibility, planning and urban design, mixed-use architecture, smart cities, and brownfield redevelopment. Our team understands successful mixed-use developments are driven by innovative design and execution, economic rigor, and effective collaboration of interdisciplinary teams. We work with our clients to imagine, design, build, and facilitate support for thriving communities in which we live, work, shop, and stay.

"Creating Better Mobility Options."

Smart Mobility:
Our national smart mobility and smart cities consulting associate group work together and maintain cutting-edge leadership in autonomous vehicle/shared autonomous vehicle in the development and implementation of technology initiatives. We’re currently working with two test bed partners to help facilitate the testing of CAV technologies for future use. Our smart cities capabilities include on-demand transportation, real-time traffic and traveler information, smart infrastructure, smart parking, smart payments and ticketing, and car and bicycle sharing services. We strive to create smart, urban mobility for our clients and their communities.

INI Urban Design and Planning team is helping clients meet the economic, natural, and social challenges they are facing. Our team is constantly researching and working together to innovate, develop, and integrate proactive plans for the future, while discovering solutions that help make our communities more resilient.

Our team sees the opportunity to transform these sites into thriving places that revitalize communities and bring neighborhoods back to life. Rather than focusing primarily on the initial environmental clean-up process, we approach brownfield as development projects.

Say “smart cities” and most people think technology—sensors, networks, data, the Internet of things. We think people. We see how technology can help our cities deliver services more efficiently, future-proof assets, and boost transparency, making cities—and citizens—vibrant, healthy, and resilient. Our approach to smart planning and design isn’t just to implement the latest tech trend, but to understand the needs of your community and identify the right solutions to achieve your goals.

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