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Commercial + Corporate + Workplace

Creating Collaborative and Multidimensional Environments

'"Places That Embody Vision and Culture."

Workspaces say a lot about a company. Their form, location and design provide the public with a sense of an organization’s values, strength and commitment to the community. For employees, these spaces play a critical role in facilitating productivity, shaping office culture and attracting top talent. INI’s design team collaborate with clients to transform their visions and needs into vibrant, high-performance environments.

High-performance workplaces enable people to be productive, engaged and happy, whether they are distributed workers, digital nomads or working in an office building, hospital, lab, campus or at home.

INI’s design solutions optimize the potential of these experiences. This may involve decreasing occupancy costs, embodying an organization’s culture or fostering innovation—however our client defines success. Leveraging our international network and knowledge of best practices, INI’s practice leads the strategic planning, design and implementation of work experiences.

"Allowing Values to Define Workspace"

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