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Civic + Cultural + Museum

Places that honor humanity

Civic and cultural buildings inspire us to dream and enhance our knowledge of history, science and the arts. These buildings are also vital to an institution’s bottom line, bringing with them new visitors, added revenue and greater awareness. From supporting aesthetic and educational goals to satisfying business and branding objectives, INI understands the role design can play in the success of these buildings. This understanding can be found in our design of award-winning museums, galleries, exhibition centers, libraries and Urban Spaces that showcase the distinct mission and values of each client.

Government buildings are substantial civic investments that represent societal values and visions. Their design should promote these principles by being forward-thinking, resilient, efficient, cost-effective, and simultaneously welcoming and secure. Our designers work closely with government agencies to understand their mission and facility needs and translate that knowledge into the design of offices, and state and municipal buildings. INI also helps government clients lead by example by advising on policies related to urban policies, sustainability and high-performance design.

"Architecture That Empowers the Common People."

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