JSW Tower

Kolkata, West Bengal, India

A conceptualization exercise was done for the client, for their new corporate office in the Rajarhat area of Kolkata, West Bengal this iconic tower is uniquely designed for JSW’s north-east region team. The design provides for office spaces for various JSW business, and recreational facilities and a museum space for the community to the design offers best views, daylight, and state of the artwork environment that nurture collaboration across different businesses of the company.. Four very radical and varied schemes were derived for the same site with the same program. Although each design is multifarious, the underlying core design principles like sustainability, contextual clarity, user sensitivity and iconic characteristics are apparent in all the concepts.

The site geometry majorly influences one of the concepts where a challenge of site condition is converted to a strength through volumetric play. Another concept concentrates on the inner dynamics of this large built mass through an inward looking atrium; while a third concept enhances the design team’s vision via attention to details. Each concept uses similar materials but the final outcome is quite disparate. Our ability to achieve so many alternatives of volumetric explorations for the same program on the same site was applauded by the client.

Size : 1,93,750 SF
Services : Master Planning, Concept Architecture, Sustainability

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Creating a Corporate Esplanade

The façade is guided by land configuration and surroundings and is shaped to provide expansive views in all directions from the office space. The design optimises space planning, energy, and water efficiency by integrating many passive and active design strategies. The top floors include communal terrace gardens and solar BIPV solution.


Nested in Water and Greens

Water features are planned at strategic locations including at the entrance to imbibe a sense of calmness and green campus feel. With every floor having gardens looking inward the design tries to integrate gardens and semi-open spaces for users to interact and inspire. These green spaces also help reducing heat while bringing in cleaner air and natural ventilation.


“Curving forms Creating a Green and Sustainable Corporate Esplanade.”

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